Thursday, January 15, 2009

Winning the Technology War

To the Members of the Republican National Committee:

It is no secret to you and me that the Democrats’ technology overwhelmingly beat our Party’s technology in 2008. While we know we were right on the issues, our failure to communicate with the voters across America and effectively raise money online via new technology, cost us too many votes.

From day one of my campaign for RNC Secretary, I have been emphatic about my desire to help the next RNC Chairman ensure that winning the war of technology is the number one priority of the RNC in the next two years. And I haven't just talked the talk.

This week, my campaign for RNC Secretary reached 1,000 followers on Twitter, allowing me to discuss the future of our Party with the people who make our Party run - grassroots activists who are no longer being reached only by home phones and direct mail, but on the internet and on their cell phone screens. I am proud to have been named one of the Top Conservatives on Twitter (TCOT). TCOT Co-Founder, Michael Leahy has publicly endorsed my candidacy saying, "I am personally endorsing Sharon Day to be the next Secretary of the RNC. She gets the importance of tech!"

In addition to Twitter, I have established an active presence on Facebook, YouTube, Blip.TV and I have even made my podcast available on iTunes. You may be asking yourself, "Why would I be using these new technologies"? And my answer would be, "because if we don't use technology from the top down at the RNC, how can we expect to fight and win the war of technology and win elections on the ground"? Technology must be a part of everything we do - not just in our campaigns on the ground, but amongst us - the members of the RNC.

I understand the importance of technology in winning in 2010 and beyond, and I will make it my number one priority if I have the privilege of serving as your next Secretary. That is why today I am proud to publicly endorse the Rebuild the Party Plan for the Future - a 10 point plan that puts technology at the forefront and ensures a stronger Republican Party for years to come.

This is a fight that we must win if we wish to be successful in 2010 and beyond and I am confident that we will be victorious. Join me in making this commitment by voting for me for RNC Secretary on January 30. I look forward to continuing to earn your support and your vote.


Sharon Day
Candidate for Secretary of the Republican National Committee
National Committeewoman for Florida