Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Endorsed: Paul Senft, National Committeeman for Florida

To my fellow RNC Members,

Many of you have asked me about my cohort from Florida, Sharon Day. What you see is what you get. Sharon is a hard worker, straight shooter who is independent while being a team player. I am proud to endorse her whole heartedly.

In her home county, Republicans are outnumbered by Democrats but Sharon is a fighter. In 2000 she personally and physically guarded the ballot boxes while waiting for the recount to start. The Democrats (in charge) called police to try to get her removed because she was watching too closely and calling their hand whenever they tried to carelessly leave the boxes unattended.

You will not find a harder worker or a more dedicated conservative Republican than Sharon Day. She is committed and she will never ask anything of others that she is not willing to do herself. She leads by example.

Sharon excels at organizing, fund raising and technology. She will be a great asset to the leadership team for our new RNC Chair. I hope you will join me in supporting Sharon for Secretary of the RNC.


H. Paul Senft, National Committeeman for Florida