Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Endorsed: Jeb Bush, former Governor of Florida

I am proud and humbled to have the endorsement of former Florida Governor, Jeb Bush. Today, the following letter was sent to the members of the RNC announcing Governor Bush's endorsement of my candidacy for RNC Secretary.

To the members of the Republican National Committee:

During my campaigns for Governor of Florida, I was very fortunate to have the support of so many grassroots activists who faithfully and tirelessly promoted our message of conservative governance to the people of Florida. Sharon Day was then, and continues to be, one of the Republican Party's hardest working, most active supporters.

Today, I am pleased to endorse Sharon for Secretary of the Republican National Committee.

Sharon has served continuously on the Florida Republican Executive Committee prior to my first election as Florida Governor, and as our state's National Committeewoman at the RNC since 2004. In these roles, Sharon's leadership and ability to mobilize grassroots support for our party's candidates has been exceptional. Sharon's endorsement of's "Plan for the Future" and her use of technology in her campaign demonstrates that she understands what it will take to win elections in 2010 and beyond, making her a vital resource for the RNC.

As a member of the RNC, I hope you will continue to fulfill your important responsibility to elect leaders like Sharon Day who will effectively assist Republicans in winning elections and stay true to the timeless principles of the Republican Party. Thank you for your consideration of Sharon.


Jeb Bush