Thursday, January 22, 2009

Endorsed: Republican Caucus of the Florida Senate

On behalf of the Republican Caucus of the Florida Senate, it is with great enthusiasm that we offer our strong endorsement of Sharon Day for Secretary of the Republican National Committee. For more than a decade, Sharon has been a leading voice in Florida political circles, rallying around candidates and campaigns and working relentlessly to further the Republican cause. Her dedication to the Republican platform is unmatched and throughout her time in Florida she has built a powerful network of supporters, fundraisers and volunteers.

Sharon would be an incredible asset to the national party for her detailed understanding of the importance of a strong base and grass roots operations. She also possesses an awareness of both the challenges and opportunities that face our party going forward with clarity of vision of how to strengthen it in the years to come. Sharon has been instrumental in local, statewide and national campaigns and, during the 2008 presidential election, she built the nation's largest coalition in support of the McCain-Palin ticket, and worked tirelessly on Election Day to ensure voter turnout.

Sharon has a firm grasp of Republican principles and has demonstrated the resolve needed to reinvigorate our party. As she continues to work passionately for Republicans across Florida and the nation, we are confident she will contribute greatly to the unity our party needs going into 2010 and beyond. Sharon's vision for our nation, her ability to articulate the conservative message and her optimism for our party's future will enable her to advance our party's platform and influence in the years to come.

It is with tremendous pride that we offer our endorsement of Sharon and we look forward to working alongside her to ensure her and the Party's success.

- Florida Senate President, Jeff Atwater on behalf of the Republican Caucus of the Florida Senate