Thursday, December 4, 2008

Announcement of My Candidacy for Secretary of the Republican National Committee

To My Fellow Republican National Committee Members:

With our thoughts on the election and our eye to the future of our Party, I would like to announce my candidacy for Secretary of the Republican National Committee.

Over the years, I have served our Party in various elected and volunteer positions while never forgetting the importance of grass root operations and a strong base. I have served and continue to serve as a Precinct Committeewoman, Broward County's State Committeewoman and Florida's National Committeewoman. In the last election, I served as the State Chairwoman for Florida's Women for McCain where we built a statewide organization in 67 counties. Our Florida Women for McCain developed an 11,000 women email data base, made over a million phone calls, created an information team with emails and weekly newsletters that were not only sent to our members, but were also forwarded to others all over the country, while also supporting our local, state and national campaign efforts. While understanding the importance of our statewide operation, I did not lose sight of the importance of my local county's election effort, as well. On Election Day, I checked on county election polling locations, visited our 6 Victory Offices, drove around the county picking up an additional 280 absentee ballots and kept in contact with our Florida Women for McCain Team by phone. While it is a tremendous honor to serve my County and State as their representative in these positions, I fully understand that with every title one takes, there is also a duty and a responsibility. Those individuals that have worked with me throughout the State, within my County and on the Republican National Committee, would share with you, that I take my duties and responsibilities very seriously.

Many of you, like me, see the outcome of Election Day as a true opportunity rather than a crisis. We have an opportunity to rebuild our Party and to look to our future as the Republican National Committee. While I may be disappointed in the outcome on Election Day, I am not angry and I am not distressed. While others may see our demise, I see our rebirth. While others may see our Party as one without strength, I see our Party ready to be renewed.

It is with this strong understanding of duty, responsibility and a love for the Republican Party and our Nation that I have decided to run for Secretary and I am asking for your help and support.

In the days ahead, I will be reaching out to each of you to further discuss my campaign for Secretary and I look forward to earning your support.

Best personal regards,

Sharon Day,
Florida National Committeewoman